new year's spam

Pure shameless spam as it amused me.
(ps-working on chappy 10, as one of my resolutions states)

In 2007, glich_tipbaby resolves to...
Find a better swo.
Become a better daag.
Spend more time with my tipfics.
Give up tipbabies.
Eat more cathedrals.
Go to the apoc babies every month.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
On the twelfth day of Christmas, glich_tipbaby sent to me...
Twelve paxluvfelicitas drumming
Eleven elusivdreamechos piping
Ten soloecals a-leaping
Nine inkiness dancing
Eight tipfics a-milking
Seven conspiracies a-swimming
Six tipbabies a-laying
Five ca-a-a-athedrals
Four tipsters
Three pipsters
Two apoc babies
...and an afa in an american pie.
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Chappy 9

Well, in case some of you haven't checked your email, or if I happened to leave you off the email, as there were very, very, very many people to whom I was sending it, CHAPPY 9 IS OUT!!!!

It was my Christmas present to all of you.  So enjoy.

Also, it should be noted, unlike what Em thinks, Grodo is not a ship that I sail.  Well, techinically, neither is Glich, but Grodo even less so.  So please, try not to add it to the Demonic Fangirls' glomp list.  GOD would be most appreciative.

So merry boxing day as I go pick melted marshmallow out of my hair...

Oh, and if anyone wants the new chappy but didn't get it yesterday, just let me know.  I was bound to forget someone.

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the 11th commandment

Day something...

Okay, I've been sick for the past two days which means my word count has gone down the drain.  I think I've gotten 500 words written in two days.  This is NOT good.  But after sleeping 5 hours this morning after waking up for 30 minutes to realize that I felt worse today than yesterday, I'm feeling okay now.  Okay--not good.

Now then, Day 10 is going good, if I ever could get the energy to write.  I expect much writing while in Nawlins this weekend.  (New Orleans)  I'm going to visit Tulane again.  Which means, Sara, I'm going to be nearish to you again.

Apoc Sec

NaNo Day 7

So not remembering to record my word count like I should.

Word Count:, about 6250.  Completely not typed.  Need to work on that.

In slightly more happy news, chappy 9 is done.  But see previous paragraph as to why it's not going to be out for a bit.

Also, I committed a grave sin today and forgot my notebook at home.  Which means I am even further behind in my word count than usual.  I used my spare time today to plot vigarously instead.  Day 10 should now be easy as pie to write.

Dear heavenly being of some unknown gender and family position above us, please let me get more than 20,000 words written, as that's how much I'll get if I keep at this pace.


Demonic Fangirls

day 3

well, the count is now up to 4000.  Plotwise, my charry is about to leave Even Class for Mandatory Fun on Day 9.

I hope to have this chappy finished this weekend, as I'm already past the halfway mark as to what the average chappy length has been.  I'll try to type up some of it so that I can send out an update next week.  I think updates will probably be in new Word doc as the other one is getting ridiculously long.

Plot devices are running amuck.  Including the good ole "hurray for teenage hormones!" one.  And some reoccuring themes.  And much much charry torture as I simply adore abusing my namesake charry.

So, I've got a birthday party, Degrassi, and Avatar tonight, so I doubt I get anymore writing done.  But I may try to get a few hundred more.  Maybe.

Lllove y llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllamas!

NaNo Numero Dos

Well, November is once again upon us and you all know what that means.  More massive writing on the TIPfic.  I am now working on part 2 of the TiPfic, which starts with chapter 9.  I'm really busy with college crap this year so I've no idea when I'll be able to actually type up any of this stuff, so the first update may not come until much later, but know, I AM working very hard on it over here.

Current word count is about 700, but that is just what I was able to write during class today and I'm about to crack down on it hard in just a minute.

So llove y llamas!!!!

Demonic Fangirls

character list

This was the character list used for the quiz-characterization-thingy that I f-locked.  If you'd like to see the quiz-thingy and aren't on my f-list (trust me, it was insane and worth the read) just let me know and I'll email it.

1.   Emily
2.   Angie
3.   Jack
4.   Makr
5.   Daag
6.   Alex
7.   Eric
8.   Chauncy
9.   David
10. Pam
11. GOD
12. Dr. Song
13. Anjo
14. Carrie
15. Oh!Sam
the 11th commandment

plot scape goat

Okay, once again, I have a random favor to ask all my eager readers. Well, specifically, this is a question for the younger viewers.

Which of my female ickle 2nd Years would you say is the most likely to get pregnant at TiP? And who would be the father?

I already have 3 votes. You should know who you are.

And.......... GO!

New Material!!!

Chappy 8 (and that means all of part I of the fic) is finished and sent out. If I happened to miss you when I sent it out, sry, just let me know and I'll get you a copy. Also, for those of you who plan on betaing, I have a newly non-Word-spellcheck spellchecked version, which has most of my typos fixed. That way you can focus on bigger issues that the fact that I keep forgetting to put the final "r" on "your".

I need to work on polishing up this first section before we move onto the next week. I'd like to know any obscure little details you think I should add. I'll probably also be doing foreshadowing, and whatnot.

Feel free to beta and email to


page update

Finally added a summary to the TiPwiki TiPfic page. Expect more of the like to follow in the coming months. At least, until I leave for the summer. We'll see how busy I am. Hopefully I'll still have time to work on TiPfic stuff. Like, you know, finishing chappy 8. Ever.

Also, any information on the identity of the "Lich" in my personal eljay would be greatly appreciated. I want to know who it is, dammit.